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About Us

Enjoying success in both career and with family and friends is important. Personal success is achieving goals in both career and personal life based on the help KC Spencer & Associates can provide to communities while maintaining a positive, philanthropic lifestyle.

We want to help others maintain safe, prepared businesses and communities. By offering the services available, KC Spencer & Associates can provide support to a broad range of people and businesses.

Business Vision

KC Spencer & Associates prides itself on providing quality, risk management support, safely and efficiently. Satisfied customers are the keystone of our business.

Our Knowledge 

KC Spencer & Associates are professional, knowledgeable and compassionate about the needs of its clients. With 12 years in the Fire service, over 15 years as a First Aid Instructor, 20 years in the field of Emergency Management and over 25 years focusing on Health and Safety requirements, Kevin Spencer understands the needs small business and municipalities face in the field of Public Safety. KC Spencer & Associates also has a history of interaction with various emergency services to ensure the overall safety of your organization. The scope of our services span all the pillars of Emergency Management, First Aid as well as Health and Safety.


We pride ourselves on working with others. In risk management, collaboration and communication allows for programs to succeed. The success of this business lies in the networking capability, confidentiality and the integrity that we are known for.


KC Spencer & Associates can coordinate the tasks required on an annual basis to ensure that not only is compliance met but that your employees and residents stay prepared and safe.

Community Affiliations 

We enjoy helping others maintain safe, prepared, businesses and communities. Through our Risk Management Solutions we provide support to a broad range of people and businesses.

We believe in strong community ties with relationships with organizations like Safe Communities Brockville, Leeds and Grenville, Community Primary Health Care (CPHC) and are proud members of LG Approved Network (lgapproved.ca), ensuring businesses you deal with are credible and professional.