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Emergency Planning

KC Spencer & Associates provides support to the client regarding their compliance to the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act. It is increasingly important to stay up to date on provincial compliance. At KC Spencer & Associates we are continually educated with what the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services has mandated.

Prevention and Mitigation

Understanding what constitutes an emergency for an organization is critical to maintain operation. KC Spencer & Associates are dedicated to understanding your business and the hazards which affect it. We can help you with identifying hazards, providing risk assessments and determining the most efficient way to eliminate or reduce the hazards.


KC Spencer & Associates helps your organization to be ready to respond to a disaster and manage its consequences through measures taken prior to the event. Development of emergency response plans, mutual assistance agreements, resource inventories, training, equipment and exercise programs are all examples of how this is achieved


How an entity acts immediately before, during or immediately after a disaster is key to the success of the entity in the future. KC Spencer & Associates provides support to minimize suffering and losses associated with disasters


After an emergency, the repair or restoring of conditions to an acceptable level is crucial. Getting to the “New Normal” is paramount. There is a strong relationship between long-term sustainable recovery and prevention and mitigation of future disasters. Let KC Spencer & Associates provide support when your organization is exhausted. By maintaining a vision on disaster risk reduction, KC Spencer & Associates will support your organization to become more resilient.

How Can We Help?

KC Spencer & Associates work with all parties to ensure the organization’s compliance measures are met and that your employees, residents and visitors are prepared and understand the hazards in your area. KC Spencer & Associates can design a practical emergency plan for your organization to ensure the hazards which could affect your business are identified and addressed