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How can KC Spencer & Associates Help?

KC Spencer & Associates work with all parties to ensure the organization’s compliance measures are met and that your employees, residents and visitors are prepared and understand the hazards in your area. KC Spencer & Associates can design a practical emergency plan for your organization to ensure the hazards which could affect your business are identified and addressed.


KC Spencer & Associates have experienced, interactive trainers who can provide your organization with Emergency Management Courses.

A partial list includes:

  • Emergency Management Basics
  • Hazard Identification
  • Incident Management System
  • General Emergency Preparedness
  • Am I Prepared
  • Organizational Interaction During Emergencies

We can also provide Provincial Certification for IMS 100 & 200, as well as BEM and Scribe.

Coming Soon!

  • Documentation in Emergencies
  • Talking with the Press (Assistance for EIOs)

Competitive Advantage

The unique position of KC Spencer & Associates lies in the diverse knowledge and experience the Principal provides to the client. The easy to learn atmosphere and ability to speak to all levels of clientele provides the ability to deliver quality materials in a method which is understood and accepted.

For emergency planning services, the concern is resources; not enough hours in a day for the responsibilities that are expected of senior management in municipalities.

With 12 years in the Fire Service, over 15 years as a First Aid Instructor, 20 years in the field of Emergency Management and over 25 years focusing on Health and Safety requirements, Kevin Spencer understands the needs small business and municipalities face in the field of Public Safety. This organization is committed to community resilience and pioneering processes to ensure the overall safety of the clients’ organization.

Excellent Customer Service, Quality products, Reasonable & Competitive Rates